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Social Responsibility
Public Welfare Concept

Since its development, Kaisa has up held a strong sense of social responsibility, paying attention to corporate citizens. It actively participates in supporting and donating education, health care, environmental protection, sports, culture and other social welfare undertakings. It has sponsored over 80 charitable projects with donated money of more than 170 million yuan. It not builtthe public service platform “three funds, one association" of, but also received many charity awards.

Kaisa public welfare Foundation

Established on 11 May 2011, Kaisa Public Welfare Foundation, founded by Kaisa, is a regional private foundation approved by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs with a registered fund size of RMB5.0 million.

Kaisa Public Welfare Foundation aims at sponsoring outstanding social welfare projects and promoting a concept of egalitarianism and harmony. Its scope of business includes disaster relief, poverty alleviation, providing assistance to the disabled and other social groups or individuals with difficulties; financing and supporting educational, scientific, cultural, healthcare and sports activities; sponsoring and fostering environmental protection and construction of utilities; promoting social development and advancement, and undertaking other public welfare businesses in line with its objectives.

Kaisa Public Welfare Foundation is an important initiative undertaken by Kaisa to promote development of philanthropy, establishment of which showcases that Kaisa is not only an advocate, but also a practitioner and a promoter of philanthropy. Kaisa Public Welfare Foundation accepts donations from individuals and units and provides donation to those in need all over the country.

Donation Project
Environmental protection projectKaisa's "sustainable development" action
Coral conservation program

Kaisa launched “coral conservation program” to remove seabed trash to protect corals to preserve the diversity of marine ecology.

Environmental promotion action

Kaisa carried out publicity activities for more than 100 projects for garbage sorting and energy-saving; kept donating to Shenzhen Green Foundation to improve the quality of Shenzhen environment.

Recreational and Sports ActivitiesKaisa's "fuel for life" action
The big steward of city entertainment

Kaisa settled into Shenzhen City Football Club and carried the banner of Shenzhen football; introduced internationally renowned sports events and cultural performing arts activities so that the public can enjoy the international high level cultural events; its operating venues are open all the year round to provide a fitness service for free.

Shenzhen Dapeng International Outdoor Carnival

Kaisahas supported Shenzhen Dapeng international outdoor carnival activities since Year 2012, which integrate film, music, sports, photography, diving, environmental protection with other activities.

Care projectKaisa's "sunshine care" action
Poverty alleviation action

Kaisahas participated in “Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day” donation activity for many years and has contributed tens of millions yuan to the charity.

Community activities

Kaisa has participated in Shenzhen Longgang District volunteer dream of public welfare activity for many years. Kaisa has financed many local funds such as Shenzhen Guangming Zhenmei community fund and Shenzhen Yantian Yongan community fund.

Education projectKaisa's "care for the next generation" action
Basic education

It has invested in the construction of Shenzhen Keyuan School, Chongqing KaisaPrimary and Secondary School, Xinzi School, Sakata School Affiliated Shenzhen University. Kaisa has donated money to improve education facilities for Puning Overseas Chinese Middel School, Puning No.2 High School, Huizhou Luoyang YiheMiddle School and Shenzhen Keyuan School.

Higher education

Kaisa signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tongji University, Shenzhen University and Southern University of Science and Technologyto carry out cooperative teaching, with donation of about billion yuan; Kaisa supported colleges’ discipline construction and scientific research, and also offered grant to needy students.

Vocational education

Kaisa has always supported the development of vocational education. In 2015 and 2016, it respectively donated 500 thousand yuan and 100 million yuan to the “Hope Project Vocational Education Program”, providing free vocational education for China poor youth.

Student assistance

Kaisa donated funds to Puning, Shenzhen, Changsha and other places for many times to support education and school, and established special funds to support poor students in Yushu, Qinghai.

Medical projectestablished health services

It is engaged in health technology, paying attention to the whole industry chain integration of medicine, medical equipment, medical services. It merged Mega Medical (a Hong Kong listed medical equipment company), and established health services to provide quality and efficient health servicesfor people.

Disaster relief operations

Kaisa has donated tens of million yuan to major natural disasters, such as 2008 WenChuan earthquake, 2010 Yushu earthquake, 2013 Yaan earthquake and 2013 Puning flood.