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Maritime Transport
The first comprehensive enterprise of port and shipping after the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Shenzhen Oceanus Group(SZOG) was established in 1982,which is the first comprehensive enterprise of port and shipping after the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. After 40 years of exploration and development, the business covers marine high-speed passenger transport, ocean logistics transportation, coastal tourism, port operations and real estate investment development, it has accumulated and formed perfect the industry chain resources from ships to dock and shipping to tourism. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Oceanus Group adheres to the spirit of being the first and breaking through innovation, and always played an active role in the development of Shenzhen's marine economy and the road to a global marine center city.

Maritime Transport

Location:10th Floor, Sunshine Golf Tower, 7008 Shennan Road, Futian, Shenzhen

Tel:0755-8202 0260

Marine high-speed passenger transport:

Shenzhen Oceanus Group is the first enterprise to operate Marine high-speed passenger transport in Shenzhen. Currently, Pengxing Shipping, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Oceanus Group, owns the largest passenger ship fleet in Shenzhen and the second largest in China, with a fleet of 19 ships. Since 1983, when the passenger transport route from Shekou in Shenzhen to Jiuzhou Port in Zhuhai was first opened, it has owned and operated 15 fixed maritime passenger transport and tourist routes, with more than 110 sailings to and from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area every day. It has made great contributions to improving the marine traffic, improving service quality and facilitating public travel in Shenzhen and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Annual passenger volume accounting for more than half of all passengers transported by water in Shenzhen.


Ocean cargo transport:

Penghai Shipping, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Oceanus Group, has almost 40 years of experience in ocean cargo transport. It mainly engages in international cargo transport, domestic coastal cargo transport and container feeder transport from the coastal regions in South China and the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong and Macao. It has formed a strategic pattern with ocean wood transportation as the core and transportation of coal, cement, fertilizer, steel and equipment as the main businesses. It has the cargo routes from the ports in domestic coastal regions and along the Yangtze River to Papua New Guinea, Solomon, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. At present, it owns seven 28,000-ton ocean-going cargo ships, with the annual cargo capacity exceeding 5 million tons.


Coastal tourism:

At present, China's tourism industry has integrated into the overall economic and social development and become a strategic pillar industry of the national economy.

Keeping abreast of the development of times and relying on its unique industrial resources such as ports, shipping and tourism, Shenzhen Oceanus Group has developed diversified recreational and sports tourism projects, including maritime tourism, yacht business and leisure, aquatic sports and seaside resort hotels, aiming to fully meet people’s yearning for coastal life.


1. Sea Sightseeing

In recent years, relying on the strong resource advantage of Shenzhen Oceanus Group, Oceanus Knight has combined shipping with tourism and made use of its route resources and fleet to expand maritime sightseeing route in Shenzhen east and west、Guangdong Province east; So far, Oceanus Knight create a unique maritime leisure and sightseeing experience by commuter sightseeing, theme sightseeing and other modes. At present, It has operated an island sightseeing route(scenery of western island and Bay Area of Shenzhen)、a sightseeing route from Yantian to Dapeng Nan’ao(scenery of humanities and history in east Shenzhen),and opened the theme of the sea sightseeing route in Shantou Nanao Island.

2. Coastal Hotel 

Shenzhen Oceanus Group officially entered the coastal hotel development and operation field when its first island resort hotel——Kare Resort Dongao Island was opened in 2019. At present, in addition to Dongao Island, SZOG has also developed Qianjiangwan hotel which theme of aquatic sports and parent-child in Shantou Nanao Island. Kare Resort Dongao Island is positioned as a Boutique homestay, located in the Dongao Island, Zhuhai, nearby Nansha Bay, it is conveniently located. It is also the best place on the island to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Become a web celebrity on the island with steadder layout and unique appearance, Kare Resort Dongao Island has been awarded the "The Best Natural Landscape Hotel in China" and the "The Best Resort Hotel in China" successively. Qianjiangwan hotel is the first self-built proprietary coastal resort hotel by Shenzhen Oceanus Group. It is expected to open in 2023. The hotel is positioned at high-end star resort hotels, 15 floors height, 208 themed rooms, supporting with parent-child entertainment, air swimming pool, gym, restaurant, Bar street, yacht dock and other facilities. After the opening, it will drive the development of the local high-end tourism industry, and  also become a new landmark of high-end tourism on the Nanao Island

3. Develop scenic spots

With the vigorous development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,Island tourism is growing into a new way of coastal vacation. For this reason, SZOG keeps pace with the times, excavate island resources, committed to developing island ecological tourism attractions with coastal characteristics, provide people with a richer vacation experience. Now, SZOG actively planning for the projects development and operation include Forest Adventure Park Dong ao island、Qianjiangwan Area of Nanao Island、Zhuqidu Bay Area、Dachuanao of Huanghuashan Area、Roundisland Sightseeing Traffic of Nanao Island.

4. Aquatic Cultural and sports

To enrich tourists’coastal tourism life and create diversified ways for them to take a holiday by the sea, Shenzhen Oceanus Group integrate yachts, islands, beaches and other resources, with aquatic sports, yacht customization, Marine research and competition, vigorously develop a unique new model of aquatic sports and sports industry. Create young fashion sports brand——Oceanus Knight Aquatic Sports,which provides more than ten kinds of water products and services, such as sailing, kayaking, motorboat, water flying fish, water flying man, sea fishing. Now, SZOG has established the Oceanus Knight Aquatic Sports Center in Shenzhen Kaisa International Park, Dongao Island and Shantou Nanao Island. Equipped with multi-class and different sizes of luxury yachts (owned the largest luxury yacht in Shenzhen), fishing boats, can meet the leisure sea fishing, business activities, high-end vacation needs, and provide a novel and rich static boat entertainment experience combined by aquatic sports or sea park. In addition, SZOG has also actively carried out Marine research and studies, and plans to introduce IP matchs to promote the development of youth aquatic sports.

Real estate investment development:

Adapt to Times,and lead by Kaisa Group, Shenzhen Oceanus Group actively expand new business growth points, relies on the existing old land reserve and the development of port and shipping terminal complex, Speed up the investment and operation of urban renewal, port and wharf, real estate and special towns. At present, invested and developed the urban renewal project in Futian Free Trade Zone ——Mangrove Bay, cultural travel project in Shantou —— Qianjiang Bay Project in Nan ao Island, Housing Project in Huizhou Huiyang —— Qiu Chang Baishi Village Enterprise Cooperation Project.