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Hotel Operations

With the advent of the era of quality consumption, Kaisa Hotel Operations mainly focus on the business of upscale brand hotels, selected-service brand hotels and executive apartment, and commits to become the integrated pilot supplier for the entire chain of hotel industry. At present, Kaisa owns and manages five-star hotel brand “Orientino", and selected service brand “Kare Hotels" and “Kare Hotels Premier”, and also has built strategic cooperation with Marriott, Hyatt, Accor and other well-known international hotel groups around the world. Until now, Kaisa owns 28 hotel properties in 14 cities across China, including properties opened, under construction and invested, with over 7000 guests rooms in total.

Hotel Operations

Location:Room 3407, Kerry Centre, Ren Min South Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

Tel:0755-8225 6974

Smart Central Kitchen

Smart Central Kitchen:

Camilla Smart Central Kitchen is a large-scale digital and intelligent operation full-solution service provider integrating food and catering research and development, production, distribution, sales and management. It can provide services to enterprises, primary and secondary schools, universities, railways, aviation, military, and hospitals , Large-scale outdoor sports and other units provide various catering solutions such as Chinese and Western noodles, hot and cold chain lunches, large group meals on-demand meals, and buffets. Camilla Smart Central Kitchen is also the vice-chairman unit of Shenzhen Cuisine Association. It has passed A-level kitchen construction standards and ISO22000 food safety management system certification, won the Guangdong Catering Industry Excellent Enterprise Award, and has a 100,000-level food production workshop that meets GMP standards.


Catering Supply Chain:

Shenzhen Kaisa Agricultural Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 to build a modern agricultural industry base integrating planting, production, learning, and research into a fruit and vegetable planting demonstration base of 800 acres in Huizhou Longmen, 900 acres in Shaoguan Shendushui, and 1,000 acres in Shaoguan Nanxiong. 



Chain Catering Management:

Camilla Chinese Cuisine

Camilla Chinese Cuisine condense the essence of Chaozhou culture. The products are inclusive, sophisticated and full of innovation. The catering favor have a wide variety of dishes, exquisite workmanship, variable materials, and emphasis on the performance of the flavor of the raw materials. First-class Cantonese dining service, providing meticulous and personalized service.

Camilla Chinese Cuisine

Chain Catering:

Camilla Chinese Cuisine

Camilla Chinese Cuisine condense the essence of Chaozhou culture. The products are inclusive, sophisticated and full of innovation. The catering favor have a wide variety of dishes, exquisite workmanship, variable materials, and emphasis on the performance of the flavor of the raw materials. First-class Cantonese dining service, providing meticulous and personalized service.

素材 (88).jpg

Luxiaoju Lingnan Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Luxiaoju inherit and refine the essence of Lingnan food culture, and advocate the concept of nourishing and healthy green diet. Put the natural and fresh into the pot, simmer it on a slow fire, so that the nutrients of the ingredients are released, and they gather into a fresh, mellow, and healthy taste with a long aftertaste.


Business College of Camilla:

Camilla· Culinary Academy, Camilla· Central Culinary Academy

In 2020, co-founded the Hanshi Jiameixuan Industrial College with Guangdong Hanshan Normal University to implement "3+1 years" joint teaching. The Culinary Art Institute inherits and promotes the Chaoshan food culture, and the Central Culinary Institute promotes the standardization, large-scale and industrialization of Chinese cuisine. Modern operation and management construction.


Technology Incubation:

In terms of science and technology incubation, Kaisa Hotel Group takes KMAX, smart Industrial Park and other industrial space as carriers to provide the whole industry chain ecological services of "planning, resource integration, incubation and cultivation, capital docking" for the companies in the park. 

Based on mature real estate operation experience and diversified resources advantages, Kaisa Technology Group nurture the technology companies, accelerate the development of the innovation industry. We use the Internet plus development mode to operate the business, and take culture as the core competitiveness, strive to create a full factor and community-based industrial incubation space.


KMAX incubator: 

KMAX incubator is supported by Kaisa Group’s strong commercial resources, property resources, industry-leading flow distribution channels and a perfect industrial service docking system. It can realizes the industrialization of innovation technology, frontier products and capitalization of the technology companies through four service systems, such as investment and financing docking, industrial activities, space operation and Industry consultation.

Since its establishment, KMAX incubator has been located in key cities across the country, holding more than 10 operating spaces, totaling more than 60000 square meters, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, health care, consumption upgrading, big data, etc.




In line with the country's strategic direction of “accelerating the cultivation and development of the housing rental market”, and responding to the housing rental policies of “restraining real estate speculation” and “rental and purchase”, Kaisa Technology Group actively deploys the long-term rental apartments, improves the city's functional and supporting facilities, builds a reliable, cost-effective shared living space for urban youth, and creates a warm and stylish life experience.

Current business includes concentrated branded apartments (Kaisa Apartment) and high-end service apartments (Kaisa Apartment PLUS).

1、Centralized Branded Apartments - Kaisa Apartment

Established in March 2017, Kaisa Apartment is a centralized long-term rental apartment brand launched by Kaisa Group to meet the needs of renting lifestyle and consumption upgrades in the new era. Based on the concept of “City Creator”, it is an innovation platform dedicated to deep stock services. Integrating “residence, business, office, social and service” in an ecological way, Kaisa Apartment provides an experience of design, texture and fun to new youths in the city.

Relying on the comprehensive strength of Kaisa Group, up to now, Kaisa Apartment has made an in-depth layout in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other key cities, and has carried out a nationwide layout, actively expanding Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities, and plans to achieve the development scale of 100000 units within three years, becoming an important member of the leading company in the long-term rental apartment industry.

2、High-end Service Apartments - Kaisa Apartment PLUS

Kaisa Apartment PLUS has upgraded residence from simple “living” to “life”, created a high-quality living experience, and committed to providing a home away from home for high-end residential families. Kaisa Apartment continues to innovate and explore from the aspects of site selection, apartment design, and quality service to meet the tenants' personalized and high-quality residential needs and provides a preferred “quality home” for more travelers. Kaisa Apartment PLUS will explore a more comprehensive service model to create a benchmark for high-end service apartments, and establish a leading novel concept and quality of living.