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Technology Industry

Kaisa Technology Group is a professional subsidiary of Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd., and a leading large-scale comprehensive investment group in the world. It is a technology industry eco-operator established by Kaisa to respond to the “powerful nation of science and technology” strategy of the country and assist the national industrial upgrading. Insisting the core development strategy of “industry driven city development”, the company focuses on long-term rental apartments, industrial incubation, industrial parks and supply chain technology .


The company closely interacts with global innovation resources, vigorously develops industrial space businesses such as Kaisa science and technology cities, Kaisa high-tech parks, Kaisa smart factories, Kmax incubators. The company has established a number of joint research institutes with world famous universities and scientific research institutions to promote the transformation of innovation achievements. With professional scientific cultivation services and technological innovation, it creats win-win situation with enterprises in the parks. At the same time, the company actively responds to the country's housing rental policy of “restraining real estate speculation” and “rental and purchase”, and is committed to improving urban functions and supporting facilities, promoting the construction of residential space, and striving to become a practitioner, leader and new pacesetter of city-industry integration in the country. 

Technology Industry

Location:2F, Kaisa Center Building B, 66 Nan Yuan Road, Shenzhen

Tel:0755-8232 0530

Industrial park operation:

Four major product lines of the Industrial Parks Operations: Kaisa Tech City, Kaisa Technology Innovation City, Kaisa Technology Innovation Park, and Kaisa Industry Park, which include large-scale urban complex projects such as industrial property development and operation, and residential supporting projects, and small and medium-sized multi-format complex projects as well as small andi medium-sized manufacturing plant projects, have successfully settled in several parks such as Kaisa Airport Tech City and Kaisa Xingdong Technology Innovation Park. It has signed contracts for more than ten characteristic towns and new industrial town projects, and maintains a land reserve of more than 1,000 mu (667,000 square meters).

Technology incubation:

Based on mature real estate operation experience and diversified resource advantages, KMAX builds an industry-enabling service platform for innovative and technological enterprises in six major fields, including artificial intelligence, the IoT, healthcare, TMT, consumer upgrades, and big data. By linking industrial resources such as large enterprises, universities, and financial institutions worldwide, and providing innovative development services in such areas as financing docking, industrial activities, space operations, and entrepreneurship consulting, KMAX forms efficient industrial development opportunities, creates an industrial enabling ecosystem, promotes industrial innovation in multi-dimensional ways, and accelerates the development of innovative projects and enterprises.


Technical research and development:

HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute:Kaisa actively responses to the national strategy of strengthening the country by science and technology, and rejuvenating the country through science and education. With the purpose of "accelerating the transformation of technological achievements and advancing industrialization", it accelerates the introduction of high-quality educational resources, the deep integration of production, teaching, and research, and strives to enhance the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. Kaisa made the cooperation with HongKong University of Science and Technology, and jointly established the HKUST-Kausa Joint Research Institue, focusing on four main areas of new materials, the IoT (artificial intelligence), big data and health technology.


Technical Research And Development:Kaisa follows the national development trend of 5G and smart IoT, continues to invest in innovative research and development resources, forms a closed loop of application transformation with the group's technology incubation system, and embrace three main scenarios of smart parks, smart homes, and smart apartments to build a management platform to integrate IoT equipment. The solution is widely used in multiple residentials, parks and tourism projects in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other cities. In the future, it will also take the responsibility to promote the construction of smart cities, deploy a variety of smart product systems such as new energy vehicle charging, and strive to build the Kaisa Smart brand of smart technology.

Long-term Rental Apartments:

In line with the country's strategic direction of “accelerating the cultivation and development of the housing rental market”, and responding to the housing rental policies of “restraining real estate speculation” and “rental and purchase”, Kaisa Technology Innovation Group actively deploys the long-term rental apartments, improves the city's functional and supporting facilities, builds a reliable, cost-effective shared living space for urban youth, and creates a warm and stylish life experience. Current business includes concentrated branded apartments (Kaisa Apartment) and high-end service apartments (Kaisa Apartment PLUS).

Centralized Branded Apartments - Kaisa Apartment

Established in March 2017, Kaisa Apartment is a centralized long-term rental apartment brand launched by Kaisa to meet the needs of renting lifestyle and consumption upgrades in the new era. Based on the concept of “City Creator”, it is an innovation platform dedicated to deep stock services. Integrating “residence, business, office, social and service” in an ecological way, Kaisa Apartment provides an experience of design, texture and fun to new youths in the city.

High-end Service Apartments - Kaisa Apartment PLUS

Kaisa Apartment PLUS has upgraded residence from simple “living” to “life”, created a high-quality living experience, and committed to providing a home away from home for high-end residential families. Kaisa Apartment continues to innovate and explore from the aspects of site selection, apartment design, and quality service to meet the tenants' personalized and high-quality residential needs and provides a preferred “quality home” for more travelers. Kaisa Apartment PLUS will explore a more comprehensive service model to create a benchmark for high-end service apartments, and establish a leading novel concept and quality of living.


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