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Development History
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Development History


Diversified Development Stage

Since 2012, Kaisa has gradually been transformed into a "profit-led” development strategy “taking into account the scale as well", with deep cultivation in the first-and-second-tier high-value cities it has entered, so as to step into a "fast and good" high-quality growth stage.

We have established a "two-track parallel" development strategy with rapid development to seize the market and participation in urban renewal to enhance the profits, gradually formed a "two-wheel drive" growth model based on "capital power + product force", vigorously implemented refinement operation and continued to enhance the corporate brand value.

In terms of business areas, we adhered to real estate development led by products to fulfill inevitable demands, while putting more development efforts in travel, business, hotel, wealth management, health care, culture, sports, science and technology industry, professional football club and other areas, and established four core strengths including insightful strategic layout, unique professional advantage, high quality product service and efficient management.


National Rapid Expansion Stage

Since 2009, Kaisa has accelerated the development pace of large-scale expansion of the country, entered 17 cities for the first time including Shenyang, Wuhan, Foshan, Nanchong and others, and completed a nationalized strategic layout among the five major economic areas, i.e. the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Central China, the Chengdu-Chongqing region, and the Circum-Bohai-Sea region.

In 2009 Kaisa was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and on board the international capital stage. As of the end of 2011, it had more than 30 affiliated companies in nearly 30 cities, and formally established operation management of the group.

While adhering to the development of real estate at the same time, it sped up development in hotel, business and other areas, involving large residential communities, large urban complex, large tourism real estate and other diversified products.

By implementing the three major strategies of "rapid development", "rapid sales, rapid turnover" and "stepping into the second-and-third-tier cities", adhering to the "rigid market demand" as the basis and establishing a multi-standardized system with the power of capital platform, it has achieved a development speed of holding the opening ceremony and reaching the industry's top three only 7 months after getting the land, with the annual scale of development over 10 million square meters.

The group sales reached 15.3 billion yuan in 2011, ranking the 12th of the country in terms of sales area. It has rapidly realized scale of expansion and strength growth, as well as development from the "regional leading development company" to "national large-scale comprehensive real estate development group" by leaps and bounds.


Regional Leading Stage

Since 2005, Kaisa has entered the "regional leading" development stage, and began its strategic layout among the national major economic regions. During this period, it has extended from Shenzhen to 9 other cities including Dongguan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Wuxi, Huizhou, Shanghai, Changsha, etc., and maintained a leading position in the fierce competition in the Pearl River Delta region.

In terms of business areas, it has been involved in property, business, hotel and other diversified areas in addition to real estate development, and gradually formed diversified mature product lines such as waterfront series, top grade series, Jin Cuiyuan series, the center series, etc.

By establishing a set of standardized, scientific and refined management system, it continued to maintain its financial stability and leading edge in the field of urban renewal, while forming the core competitiveness of enterprises including talent, services, products, innovation and other aspects.

In 2005 it was entitled as "China's South China Real Estate Brand Value TOP10", followed by a six-consecutive-year reelection. In 2006 it achieved a "Double Championship" in both the annual sales area and sales amount of Shenzhen City. In 2006-2008, it was ranked the second in the comprehensive test of overall strength of real estate development enterprises in Shenzhen City for three consecutive years.


Shenzhen-based Intensive Cultivation Stage

At the beginning of its establishment, Kaisa adopted a development strategy of "Shenzhen-based Cultivation", and gradually developed into a Shenzhen's leading real estate development enterprise from a leading real estate enterprise of the Buji Community in Shenzhen.

Focused on the development of popular boutique residence, it has created a large-scale comprehensive residential community of super large capacity and structured development in the suburbs, which promoted the urbanization process of the area.

With initial establishment of professional advantages in the field of "urban renewal", it has also formed a competitive advantage in unit innovation capacity, community planning level, marketing innovation and sales speed and other aspects.

It has successfully ascended into the "Top Ten Enterprises in Shenzhen Real Estate Industry" as well as "Shenzhen's Top Ten Real Estate Enterprises in 2004", with Guifangyuan Garden and Keyuan Garden respectively awarded the "International Garden Community" artificial gold medal and architectural planning gold medal.